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Swimming in the pool < Swimming in the sea

There are multiple types of fish on the planet Earth:

  • small

Heeelllloooo, I am Sardine

  • microscopic

What’s up bit#$%?@ said, Plankton trying to get attention

  • big

Who said I am fat???, Tuna shout out

  • enormous

Move bit#$%?@ get out the way; get out the way, sing repetitively the Whale.

  • average

Hey, do you want to be my friend? said, Trout

  • long

I got “hella swag”, watch me, watch me! said Eel

  • dangerous

You look so pretty, come closer to me. What we assume the Shark say to other fish… We don’t have any witnesses though.

  • inoffensive

They see me rollin’ they hattin’, sing the Clownfish

  • Intelligent

I got over 9999 IQ, said the narcissist Dolphin

The whole point of this article is to make you realize that you may haven’t encountered all the fishes or even one if you have only swim in a pool.

All fishes have something different to offer and all fishes are looking for different things.

The following 5 tips will make your swimming in the ocean way more fun:

1. You need to get out of your hot and comfy pool to get to know all those great individuals.

Go out and swim in the different seas and oceans around the world.

  • The Pacific Ocean
  • The Atlantic Ocean
  • The Indian Ocean
  • The Mediterranean Sea
  • The Caribbean Sea
  • The Yellow Sea
  • The Black Sea

Enrich your general culture so every time you are like: “Oh me too, I went there last summer! It was so cool.” Or “Yes, I know everything about that place.”

You need to be able to interact on any subject to keep the interest of others. Show interest and you will get some in return.

2. Prepare your bag for the day at the beach.

random super hot girl/guy walking on the beach:

“Do you have sun cream? Can you rub me with it everywhere; I don’t want a sunburn, pls-pls-pls.”

The dude/girl with the well-prepared bag:

“It will be a pleasure! By the way, you end up asking the right person; I got the best 60 fps sun cream and it smells roses; It will fit your beautiful body.”

random super hot girl/guy:

“Thank you, go for it then” and one or two minutes later: “Oh my God! It feels so good and this floral scent is just perfect. Do you know where I can buy that sun cream?”

The dude/girl with the well-prepared bag:

“Well, I made them. Give me your phone number and email so we can keep in touch if you know what I mean.”

*Always ask for the email, phone number, Facebook, LinkedIn to keep contact with the nice people you have met or at least give them yours.

You’d better be ready to deliver something interesting or having something to propose to the beautiful lady/sir or she will just go see another dude/girl on the beach.

3. Check online for the best beach or ask friends.

Determine what type of experience you are looking for and where is the more suited beach to deliver that needed experience.

Type on a browser search engine:

  • Top 10 best beach
  • The most beautiful beach
  • The nearest-to-me beach
  • The most interesting activities to do at “x” beach

Or ask a friend who possesses great knowledge and similar taste of beach.

The best is to make that “review” before going out to the sea. You will know what to expect and you will get the best experience out of it.

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