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How to adopt a creative vision in 8 points (Part 2/3)

Those are two other exercises you absolutely need to perform to follow and apply this creative vision.

The exercise #4 is probably one of the most important. In the future, I will come back on the thematic of “Listening to others” and I will elaborate my point of view.

4. Listen to others*

Test your creation and listen to the respondents. Interpret differently what you see and hear. Be open to feedback.

Listening to others will exemplify the actual trends going on in your environment. Then it will be easier for you to be ahead of the trends.

Listening to others will also provide you with fresh and unique ideas due to the difference in people’s interpretation of reality. Each person that you will meet will present different tastes, principles, values and ways to interact in relation to the environment. Everyone is unique as you. Consequently, you will be able to develop and enhance your ideas by adapting them to the new insights you may have earned by listening to others.

*(Be careful, don’t give away your creation.)

5. Take a position

Hold it tight!

Take a choice in your own personal dilemma and incertitude. Accept what you have created and build on it. To come up with a creative innovation that will change the world and the people, you absolutely need to pursue ideas way further than you think even if it seems impossible or uncertain to be realized.

People or even yourself may find it crazy, but “crazy” in a creative reality is common and necessary. Don’t hesitate to build your ideas around “craziness”, you can’t know where it will lead you. In other words, it will drive you out-of-the-box.


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