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How to adopt a creative vision in 8 points.

1. Be starving for change

I love almonds!

Listen to different music.
Watch different things.
See different people.
Try new stuff when you can.

“Only fools and dead men don’t change their minds. Fools won’t and dead men can’t.”
—John H. Patterson

I heard that if I like almonds, I should try those!

2. Observe from a different perspective.

Perspective #1


Take the time to observe different things from different angles. You don’t know what is “insert something you don’t know anything about,” go find what it is.

There is always more than only one perspective; What you should see versus what you want to see.

Keep in mind: “omnes viae Romam ducunt”

Translation of Latin to English: “All roads lead to Rome.”

In a more in-depth analysis:

Revise your choices about anything. When I say anything I mean literally anything. Analyze every decision you take. Analyze your movement while committing any particular actions.

Have a 360-degree perspective; What—When—Why—How.


Why do I prefer this over that?

How am I doing this usually?

When do I do that?

What are the things involved in this?

Well, it looks completely different.

3. Put yourself in the shoes of others.


Your stylish shoes

Imagine yourself in the socks and shoes of others then have a cause-effect analysis. Prioritize the assessment of the moods and emotions of the others because they are mainly the ones you won’t be able to anticipate and replicate if you are not in a similar mentality and physical state.

I suggest a very immersed and profound examination of how others may feel and interpret differently than you. Be attentive to your questioning about others’ actions, when they arise, it is a good sign that you have to learn more about how people interact and act in regard to certain things.

Be alert of your surroundings and never assume people think like you. Try to be what they are for a moment.

My stylish footwear

 The next points will be found in:

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