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Swimming in the pool < Swimming in the sea (part 2/2)

The followings are the two last insights about networking. 

4. Wear the most advantageous swimsuit and show off what you got.

random super hot girl/guy:

“What is this exotic beauty! I need to go closer.”

exotic beauty:

“Oh my God! That super hot girl/guy is walking towards me. Oh, shizzles! She\he is staring at me.”

It can be as easy as it sounds. If you deliver a good first impression and brand yourself as an exotic beauty, it can lead random super hot persons to come to you.

After that, it is a question of having something like a beer in your beach bag so you keep their interest.


5. Go with your best friend; he can give you a lift or you can even split the bill of the taxi.

More effective, less costly and double the fun.

Why go with your friends:

  • You have doubled the possibilities of an encounter with others on the beach.

Your best friend had met another person and he has talked about you: you arrive and the person already knows what you are up to.

  • You can change the first impression you have given to someone.

If at first, you haven’t felt like you have given a good impression, you can always send your friend to talk about you and enrich the impression someone has of you. (do it subtly, though)

  • You can share the contacts of the peoples you met at the end of the day
  • If you have the right friend, he can make you more confident in yourself and less shy.

I hope you will jump gracefully in the sea soon,

Antoine Veilleux 

“It’s all about getting the juicy worm and the right spot.”

(Fisherman, said-to-his-son, 2017)

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