Antoine Veilleux


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I was born in 1996 in Montreal and have lived there ever since.


About my entrepreneurial passion

Founder of Artbeats Market Inc.
Co-founder of Perspective Affaires Inc.

Through my entrepreneurial experiences, I have devoted myself to creating wealth, in all its forms, around me. I firmly believe that investing in humanity will never compromise our legacy to this ever-changing world. My human-centred entrepreneurial approach allows me to live from my passions and contribute to the achievements of others.

About my artistic works

I have been proclaiming myself “artist” since I was 18 years old. I am self-taught and I aspire to be a beacon rather than a mirror of the art that surrounds me. Certainly, visually, I dare to believe that my creations are ‘beautiful’ but, in my opinion, the true beauty of a creation is in its power to display, influence and make others feel strong emotions.

In this state of mind, I try to emphasize my emotions in an authentic way when carrying out my artistic work. It is by doing my work that I allow myself to achieve a certain degree of personal satisfaction. In other words, I accept my emotions.

Besides the presence of emotions in my work, I aspire to maintain in several forms the theme of change. In general terms, I would like my works to be representative of the motto: «I want, so I can».

I hope that my Art will allow you to transport yourself, to question yourself and above all to question what surrounds you and what tries to limit you to being a fixed being without passion or desire for change. Although my works are a portrait of my own feelings, I dare to believe that if we look at them, and precisely, we do not try to draw any conclusions or finality, we can find ourselves in them and immerse ourselves in our own emotions. With this in mind, I hope to give you a chance to understand each other better and to give you a hint of my desire for change.

Antoine Veilleux


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