Antoine Veilleux, Paintings, Abstraction, Expressionism, Minimalism, Gestural, Texture, Mixed media, Colorful

Baku Paintings, Prints, Abstraction, Figurative, Colorful, Mixed media

Mathieu Laca, Paintings, Retouched Prints, Figurative, Portrait, Texture, Engaged, Colorful

Sébastien Gaudette Sculpture, Installation, Drawings, Expressionism,  Figurative, Colorful, Engaged 

Sophia Paleotheodoros, Paintings, Abstraction, Expressionism, Figurative, Texture, Mixed media, Woman art, Colorful

Roger Gaudreau Public Art, Sculptures, Metals, Woods, Rocks, Installation, Drawings, Figurative, Clean style, Engaged


Léa Zamolo, Paintings, Figurative, Expressionism, Woman art, Colorful

United States

Jaanika Peerna, Wall sculptures, Drawings, Installations, Sculptures, Performances, Theme of transitions  light, air, water and other natural phenomena, Videos

C. S. McIntire, Paintings, Drawings, Abstraction, Expressionism, Clean and Colorful styles


Francisco Corella Borrás Paintings, Realism, Surrealism, Expressionism, Political, Engaged


Mikhail Mishin Drawings, Collage, Minimalism, Abstraction, Paper, Clean


Aleksandra Szewczuk, Paintings, Abstraction, Expressionism, Mindfulness therapeutic method, Colorful, Brut, Woman art, Colorfield