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From Jakarta, Indonesia.

Some words about //brlmk works

written by Antoine Veilleux, Founder of Artbeats.

//brlmk is an artist that realizes works of powerful and inspirational emotions; he wishes to stay ‘anonymous’ to permit his arts to convey messages that are not influenced by superficial subjects and means.

His works are highly introspective of his own virtues and thoughts; he hopes to share with the public his concerns and questionings about his surroundings. He thrives to move the mind of people in the ‘right’ directions or, at least, make them able to; people need to understand their own mind before trying to influence others or to make an impactful effort to change their environment.

It is by understanding himself and his ‘human’ condition that he his able to translates is mind in images; his works are an opening of his own consciousness where great thoughts are attacked, interpreted and impregnated, by consequence, in his mind. Now that he understands himself better, he wants to empower others to dive into their own souls without fear; attack their demons and cherish what makes them ‘Good’.

He doesn’t want ‘You’ to think he has all the truth, he wants you to, at your turn and on your own terms, take the initiative to learn about yourself, feel your emotions and, as a result, raise your consciousness to a new level of self understanding.

His legacy is a ‘door’ to this self-evaluation and self-questioning that is the source of any great changes. If you are ready to enter this new opening, you will take part in the ‘’What makes the ‘Humans’ an intellectual species that is constantly evolving for the better or the worst’’.  He hopes his works will let you, with ease, enter the depth of your personality.

BRLMK invites you to take a meaningful introspective in yourself through his works; without any superficialities, without any materials, without any necessity or reliance on other ‘things’ than your heart and soul.

Your vision is now enlarged and immersed by is ‘World’; it is your turn to share yours…

Antoine Veilleux, 2019

Founder of Artbeats

There is still a lot to learn, still a lot to discover, still a lot to share; //brlmk is constantly impregnating himself of new thoughts. His works are a small but beautiful display of what makes him a ‘Human’, and an opportunity for you to break your own fixative world.