Business Inquiries

Distinguish yourself, offer a work of art to your customers.

Artbeats offer a service ideal for the needs of professionals including:

– Designers

– Architects

– Real estate agents | brokers

This service enables professionals to distinguish themselves in the market by a unique competitive advantage.

Offered as a gift after purchase or promotion of your services, Artbeats artworks creates added value to your services that everyone will remember.

Artbeats, also, offer a personalized service to non for profit organizations and governmental entities; see below.

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Raise Funds through Artbeats Auctions – Non for Profit Organization and Governmental Entities

If you are seeking an original and professional way to raise funds for your non for profit organization or your governmental entity, Artbeats would be pleased to attend your event and help you raise money for your cause through the sales of artworks.

If you have an interest in this service, we invites you to contact Artbeats directly to discuss, furthermore; see the contact form below.


Did you know that the governments of Canada and Quebec offer tax deductions for companies that acquire artworks from Canadian artists? Whether for purchase or rental, several advantages are available to you. 

Encourage our artists and share their creations in your offices while profiting from tax advantages.

To learn more about these tax incentives, click here.

Artbeats is open to discussion and is ready to take on new opportunities; feel free to contact us.

We will be happy to share with you our adventure!