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One big souvlaki and One very happy man

Today, I was eating one of those great souvlakis that we can find in those Mediterranean restaurants, it was just so great. I knew when I wake-up that I needed this to make my belly smile. There was a desire greater than my appetite.

This is where it gets special!

I said to the server: “I will take one large chicken and beef souvlaki, pls.”

The sandwich master said: “What do you want in it?”

I said: “Everything! And a lot of garlic sauce.”

You know what, there was no FREAKING GARLIC SAUCE! No, but seriously, this article isn’t just about a sandwich (trust me, I got you). It is about how, that morning, I realize what is really business!

“Don’t tell me you got 9 Lives and the keys to success in business!”

(You, listening-to-me, 2017)

Business is the art of providing emotions and satisfaction. The quality, the price and the effectiveness does matter, but what really matter is what the consumer feels he came for and what he felt emotionally receiving.

It’s not about doing things right; it’s about giving it right. Be thoughtful of your consumer; you may be in the position to make them feel not only fulfilled in their stomach but also in their heart.

Erase for one moment everything you have learned and experienced at school and at work. Go back to the source; simplify business to the “delivery of feelings” and you may come to other solutions to your own success in the business world.

Be active and love what you do!

See you soon,

Antoine Veilleux

“I do know my body isn’t made of air, but I do feel empty.”

(Antoine, once-said-in-the-bus, 2017)