Francisco Corella Borrás

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Artist Statement

Valencia (Spain)

Painting is a pathway to interrogate my own subconscious and personal symbols and fears. I tend to work fast, as I look for the freshness of the psychological print. I like to imagine my paintings as warnings, taking place in a possible and terrible future, or in the past; fantasy nightmares on barren fields and broken landscapes.

I believe in the figure of the artist as defined by Felix de Azúa: an individual who lends his eyes and sensitivity to society, to offer visions of reality in ways others cannot perceive. For this reason, I believe in responsible art, involved and committed to the reality of its time. And although art, unlike the mass media, is a form of soft and slow influence, its effect is produced in the depths of the psyche, in the spirit, and there it remains: art is the plough that furrows the spirit where ideas will germinate. The artist is an engineer of the soul of his time.

Current works 

Notes from the artist about his series:

” Man and Machine” series


2019 – XXXII Muestra Internacional y Multidisciplinaria de Arte Contemporáneo. Castell de Montesquiu.
Organizada por El Circuit Artístic y la Diputación de Barcelona.
Group Exhibition. Osona (Spain).
Group Exhibition Sala Pere Casaldàliga de la Fundació Claret, Barcelona (Spain)

2019 – Exposición Colectiva Contemporánea,
Galería Abartium.
Group exhibition. Calldetenes (Spain).

2018 – Outside 2018, UPV.
Group exhibition. Valencia (Spain).

2016 – Aparisi Art Studio.
Solo exhibition. El Puig (Spain).


04/2019 – 10/2019 La porte peinte, centre pour les arts. Noyers-sur-Sereien (France)


2019 – Finalist in the contest “Miradas Urbanas” (Urban Glances).
Inmobiliarias Encuentro (Madrid, Spain)

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