Man and Machine series – Francisco Corella Borrás

Máquina - Francisco Correla Borrás - 2018

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For a while now, I have been developing in my mind a project that I consider important, and of great actuality.

One of the possible titles, but the one that most summarizes the idea in which it consists, is “The Man and the Machine”.

My purpose is to realize a pictorial project (that later, and in the best of scenarios, could lead to a more ambitious project of animation, that could reach more public and consciences), in which I would expose my vision (and that of many) of the relationship between man and machine, in the context of the modern world, and a possible future.

The theme I have chosen deals with the future of the relationship between the man and the machine: the machine as an extrahuman entity, created by man, but which subjugates him, and which can lead to the misery of the soul, the body, the world, through war, greed, autocratic state, non-human control of societies.

I seek the opposition between the human and the mechanical. Above all, I try to generate a strong emotion and reaction in the spectator.

My proposal would be a visual journey through time.

This route could be summarized in three phases:
1st – The time when there were only humans.
2nd – The birth of the machine.
3rd – The control of the human being by the machine: present, future.

I conceive the machine not only as an object, but as everything that is automated, serialized: homogeneity, the infinite mechanism.

The machine would therefore be a human construction, the realization of the desires of eternity, the perfect and identical, eternal repetition, lifeless life. Man would become, in this dystopian context, a creature similar to the insect of the hive, which has lost all capacity for self-government and which follows the inhuman will of a society subjected to the machine.

I quote here Alexis Carrel:

“Man has not known how to organize a world for himself,
and he’s a stranger in the world he created himself.”

The final result of my project is a series of paintings, in which I will develop a chronology where we will be able to follow the birth of the machine and the death of what is human.

My intention is to awaken in the spectator emotions and reflections on the future of the world in which we live, to question the orientation of forms of life, the daily rules that we have accepted today, seduced by materiality, and that entail the sacrifice of what is natural and necessary.

Click here to access his available works

Click here to access his available works