Marcel Aragonès

Marcel Aragonès

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Marcel Aragonès, born in 1968 in Mont-roig, in Catalunya, Spain, a village not far away from La Masia, where Joan Miró held his studio. Journalist and publicist by profession, Marcel is also an internationally rising artist. His unconventional techniques and iconic style quickly caught public attention. Now several of his masterpieces can be appreciated in various exhibitions and are sold worldwide.

Already as a child, Marcel already showed his talent and passion for art, and he never stopped brushing ever since. Throughout the years, Marcel developed various innovative techniques and bold materials mix, especially his iconic acrylic and ink on canvas and paper. Most of his works are elegant, delightful, cheering, and always with a touch of good humour. They convey his philosophy of positive living.

According to the artist, “Art should nourish and brighten our spaces and lives. I do not want art to be  something sad, dull or depressive. This is why my paintings mostly present energetic and passionate color-play as the central elements. I see my paintings as delightful melodies.”

The artist has also developed his creativity in the field of music, performing blues, pop-rock and Hip-Hop
compositions and a multitude of concerts. That’s why his art is strongly linked to music and influenced by urban cultures, Street Art, Pop, Punk, Rock’n’roll, … He is currently developing a fashion brand and clothing line created from his graphic work. As Miró said, “a simple line with the brush can lead to freedom and happiness.“ It is also Marcel’s principles: to be happy, inspiring and to share happiness and the feeling of freedom to those who contemplate his work, even if it is just a simple line.

“Through his paintings and drawings, Marcel Aragonès projects us into a dreamlike and poetic
universe. His colorful and sparkling cheerful works are tinged with the sun of Catalonia.
As for the rhythm and the elegance of his black and white lines, he is not without evoking the
movements of an inflamed dance”. Sylvie Ballereau. Art Bunker Gallery (France)

Marcel Aragonès


Marcel Aragonès, the new universes

written by – Agustín Israel Barrera García
Doctor in History of Art and Bachelor of Fine Arts. Sevilla University (Spain).

Joan Miró wrote by letter to his friend Ricart: that his wish was to become “an international Catalan”.
Miró was able to link the oneiric with the dimension of the real, “has been essential in the
configuration of the spirit of our time,” precisely because he has claimed the abuse of the modern
world. Miró teaches us through his dream language and material as far as painting is concerned, the
reality that surrounds it. The earth that sees it being born and the sky that covers it form the perfect
bioclimate so that its creations sprout in an almost natural way, only pushed by that creativity and
wisdom that reorders the chaotic universe of Miró.

No wonder we paraphrase or remember the great Joan Miró to talk about the work of his
countryman Marcel Aragonès, an emerging contemporary artist with the same roots as the genius
of the constellations, and having had the tremendous luck of having crossed him in life, it presents
its plastic creations in which the experimental and intimate nature stands out, where we can almost
decipher the path that the ink or the acrylic take from the very entrails of the author to the pictorial
support, since it is not the logic of this work, but that of opening itself in a channel to show in a
plastic way everything that feels and flows through the innermost part of its creator.

Pure expression, color, matter and Mironian connotations in terms of the primary colorimetry and
symbolism, perhaps for that Tarraconense land that unites them, that small town in which Miró
discovered his constellations, and shout from the rooftops his rooting for the earth, in its famous
farmhouse, Mont-roig is the town that sees Marcel being born and developed in his creation.
A painting never ends, never begins, a painting is like the wind: something that always walks,
without rest, said Miró. Like that wind, I invite you to walk and discover the new universes that the
work of Marcel Aragonès presents us with, where matter, expression, feeling and color will be our
greatest allies and travel companions, and will eventually make us discover what it moves and what
its author feels from the deepest part of its interior.

Welcome to this journey through the interior of painting, welcome to this walk by the most intimate
and personal feelings of its author, which have as a result a intoxicating, dynamic work and where
the apparent chance, is formulated analytical and refined.


Marcel Aragonès

30 minutes with the artist

1. Where do you reside and work currently?

I’m from Mont-roig, the Catalan village of Joan Miró studio and his famous farm, in Spain.
I reside and work here.

2. How would you describe Marcel Aragonès?

An art lover. A free, happy and creative spirit. Someone who needs to express himself
through art, forms and colors.I have a positive living philosophy

3. Did you have any training or is it inherent?

It’s totally inherent. The only training I know is to paint and draw every day. Art schools or
teachers can teach you techniques, how to apply different materials, supports, … but I think
the real school is on the street and in the studio. You must dirty a lot of paper and canvas
and discover your own way and style. I’ve always thought that a teacher can influence you
too much as you tend to work to like him and not to express yourself freely.

4. When did you first start making art and what lead you to start?

My father was drawing since he was a child and I began to make art beside him. I remember
those afternoons drawing with him. I think he was my first influence and who injected me
the love for art. Later I was musician and composer for several years, I needed to create!!!
Now my work and inspiration is only dedicated to painting.

5. Best advice you ever received in regards to your art?

I am fortunate to have met Joan Miró. I was 9 years old and I met him in my village. I told
him that I wanted to be a painter and I can remember perfectly what he said: “Just draw
and paint everyday”.

6. Your art has echoes of street art, can you explain is that an accurate assessment?

I love the art of the street, I love the cities and something magical happens when you
discover a good piece of street art. Surely it is not a conscious influence on my work, but as
with some influences, sometimes we are not aware of having them. Art was born in caves
and walls, it is always good to remember.

7. What is art to you?

Art is everything, art is life, happiness, joy, pleasure, charm, wildness, emotion, music for the

8. What are you searching for through your paintings?

Art should nourish and brighten our spaces and lives. I do not want art to be something
sad, dull or depressive. This is why my paintings mostly present energetic and passionate
color-play, forms and marks as the central elements. I see my paintings as delightful

As Joan Miró said, “a simple line with the brush can lead to freedom and happiness.“ It is
also one of my principles: to be happy, inspiring and to share happiness and the feeling of
freedom to those who contemplate my work, even if it is just a simple line.

9. Your paintings are they a dream or what is the source behind them?
Vincent van Gogh said “I dream my paintings and I paint my dreams”…I can say that some
of my paintings are born from dreams. Sometimes I get out of bed at midnight and I must
draw things that I have in mind. I sleep with a sketchbook beside me. I use to dream that I’m
painting and some ideas and projects comes from that dreams.

10. Some of your pieces are extremely intricate, and time consuming, what is the longest
you have spent on a piece?

I am fortunate to have a very large studio, that allows me to work with several works at the
same time. I do not calculate the hours that I dedicate to a work, I only care about the fun I
get while I create them. Perhaps some works have taken me over 40 hours.

11. How would you like to be seen as an artist years from now?

If someone thinks in me like an artist I will feel more than satisfied. The big prize is
that people think of me as an artist that makes their lives happy and puts out a smile or a
great moment of satisfaction while watching at my works.

12. Do you have a place/person/thing that you visit for inspiration?

Yes, I have two places that are like a religion for me. The most important for me is the red
mountain over my village, Ermita de la Roca, in Mont-roig (painted by Joan Miró too), and
the other one is Joan Miró farm and studio, in Mont-roig. Sometimes I also need a guitar for

13. If you could have dinner with 3 artists living/dead who would be at your table?

Only three??? Joan Miró, Jackson Pollock andKeith Haring.

14. Name three things you can’t live without in your studio?

White paper, black ink and Red Bull.