Mechanism of Joy

Already sold / Déjà Vendue – 16″x20″ – acrylic

This work of art is designed to represent the mechanism of joy. In other words, it is how the  emotion « joy » is felt by the artist. In the painting, we can experience the build-up of the emotion « joy » and  how it affected the painter. Since the definition of an emotion is personal and varies from person to person, it is normal that this thematic is difficult to understand even for the artist himself.

It is completely understandable that some people won’t even recognize « joy » in this painting, but let me help you understand how I tried to divulge this emotion in the various colours, texture and flows in the « Mechanism of Joy .»

My presentation:

All start in the centre of the painting (where there is the shape of a circle similar to a vortex), we can see a singular black point in its middle; it is the representation of an « everyday event » (something that could happen randomly or on purpose; a simple thing that you noticed; it is simply anything that could happen at any moment to you). For the purpose of the comprehension, I will use an example of an  « everyday event »; this morning you wake up and you took a coffee but instead of every day you did put in a little something special, you poured in it a little of cream and sugar. This unusual action made you happy even if it was almost nothing. We can use the middle black point in the painting as it was this moment when you dip your lips in this delicious coffee. From this instant, a wave, a tornado of emotions that you could define as « joy » pass through you. This emotion is going in every direction without any real control. It is, also, changing of composition without any alert. The different colours and flows represent this free flow of emotion a human can experience when having interaction with is environment or/and with himself. Those flow of colours made collision with others and created a feeling of chaos in the body of the coffee drinker. Surely those facts illustrate well how this emotion is complex and difficult to define.

The colour choice of Antoine enhance the presence of happiness in the artwork. The colours pass from black to white without missing any nuances, this choice of colour composition bring some assumptions of different variations of emotions while experiencing « joy .» For example, the purple could be associated to melancholy and the black to deception. At the end, it is your own perception that will guide you through this complex phenomenon because as I explained to you, it is a complex emotion that everyone has problems to understand. What is the key of happiness?

The only tangible thing about this emotion is that it will end-up going  out of your body (get out of the frame of the painting) and I do think it isn’t made for you to understand it; it is meant to be understood by the other individuals that surround us. This could bring a totally new perspective to « joy .»

The message:

« Joy » is a complete chaos and it is truly difficult to size the real meaning of it and it’s source. Don’t try to control or even understand it. Let this emotion flow, in its own way, through your mind and body and let it make is way out of it. Accept to not know the meaning of joy and just appreciate it. Under my understanding of what surrounds us, people are at the research of « joy » like it was the single reason to live but truly I just think it is a consequence of living life; in other words, stop trying to find the perfect way of living just live and joy should come with it.

At first, I was trying to know what is driving this emotion by painting it in an automatic way but at the end I understood that it wasn’t a realistic goal; it was an impossible task. From there I conclude that the essence of joy is its unpredictability. The more you think you know about this complex emotion; the more you are a complete ignorant of what it truly is. Live your life and expect nothing more than itself, and you will start to be the most joyful person you know and be happiest than you ever did.