Meteor Rain

Already sold / Déjà Vendue – 24″x48″ – acrylic

We have to destroy to change.

It is from the collapse of past ideas/perceptions/emotions with the news ones that comes an explosion. This explosion generate a positive destruction that result in a new and true change.

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We can associate this painting to the creation of stars.

  • A star is an accumulation of divers floating molecular clouds and heavier elements that collapse and create enormous explosion of energy. The potential of this energy is gigantic. When it is deployed, it does create new life. The life of a star begins when a diversity of gas and elements collapse together; it is from the complete opposition of elements that emerge the vital source of energy required to the creation of a complete different and new life. It is truly from destruction that the true life begins.
  • If we extrapolate the meaning of a star, it is the source of our life. The Earth planet came to life because the Sun (our star) with her gravitational power brought many elements and gas that did collapse together and created the Earth. Without the sun there is no life; no photosynthesis; no ecosystem; everything would collapse and wouldn’t be here today.

In the painting, we can see all the diversity of floating elements, gas and meteors from the various colours that were used to define them. The explosion, as it was created from the colours thrown, bring change; the various colours composition of the collapsing elements support this assumption. We can see the gigantic energy that emerge from the impact in the radiation of colours that surround the new star.

We can already see a true apparition of change in the center low of the paint. It was made from the destruction; the paint slide and fall from the impact of the thrown paints . There is a change in the colours, texture and shapes; we can see how the star as evolve and how it might look in the future.

Every time you want or you have to make a real change in your life; you have to think as you were a new star in creation. You have to collapse your new desires, opinions, ideas with the one that you want to change to result in a true change. In other words, encounter your experience with all the properties you want to acquire to make your way through a true change in your life. It is from the oppositions of your past and your « wanted future » that will emerge your new life.

Be courageous, in front of the « meteor rain », and adopt a positive vision of the incredible phenomenon that is « Change »  Let him make you better.

Antoine Veilleux