Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition responds directly to the diversity of challenges that the online art market has created and to the needs of our clients.

  • We will pursue on a daily basis business development activities such as networking, lead generations and prospecting, market analysis and experimentation of new ways to track and reach customers while maintaining customers relationship
  • Unlimited artworks/products/services integration to the platform responding to Artbeats standard of quality and integrity
  • Advertisement and promotional products/services such as magazines to drive sales or raise fund for Artbeats and/or use to build the artists brands under Artbeats.
  • Events and exhibition invitations and creation.
  • Social media continual presence (Instagram and Facebook)
  • Active customer response in a reasonable timeframe
  • Complete dedication to the purpose of making artist live from their art
    • Listen to artists concerns and questions
    • Help them build their brand by sharing the best practices
    • Provide artists with the tools necessary to have a web presence that suits them
    • Building interpersonal relationship and trust between Artbeats and its community of artists
  • Opportunity to take part in the next steps that Arbeats will take; whichever is the next project, we make sure that our artists can follows us in the new adventure.
    • Exemple of future venture of Artbeats;
      • Augmented reality and virtual reality
      • Creation of new products/services such as jewels, clothing and other artistic related products and services
    • Ability for artists and dealers to participate in fund raising for good cause such as Not for Profit Organizations (NPO) and governmental entities.
    • Administration, marketing, financing and strategy is our part of the work; we are there to accompany you.

As long as you will be with Artbeats, we will help you manage your business and advice you with the best practices.

Cost of services are to be discussed and negotiated.

We seek a commission rates for sales of artworks by agents of Artbeats or through its online platform. When new ventures or activities are taken on by Artbeats, new agreements would be discussed with you.

If you are interested in these services, visit the page: Work with us