Marc Larouche

Collection ”Paysage Improbable”

Panels of chipboard that he shreds, burns, covers with plaster or throat oil, Marc Larouche releases improbable landscapes that magnify and elevate a material hitherto without nobility. A series of pictorial works, triturated, calcined, bleached or lacerated, the large paintings in simple spruce wood offer perspectives that seem to be torn from the banality of plywood. But it is not so. The minimalist compositions that result from the maneuver rather emphasize, in a very adroit way, this eternal paradox: the complex and ambiguous relationship that exists between the human and the nature. Thus, in the illustration of what is opposed and complete, hollows and emptinesses, the whites and the blacks are divided, touch the beautiful and the ugly, to compose panoramic views opening onto a singular macrocosm.

Description from: André-Constantin Passiour, Journalist at Fugues magazine since 1995, Fugues Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Posted on 26 September 2012 at 12h00 by the magazine Fugues.

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The description has been translated to English.

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