Flowers 22

$ 1,950.00

Daniel Kozeletckiy


100cm x 90cm

Acrylic on canvas

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It is very difficult for me to classify my “Flowers” to a certain style. What is it? Figurative? Pop Art? Minimalism? Naive? Some people see in them the giraffe’s skin. Others see microorganisms under a microscope. I see in them a successful and promising demonstration of what inspires me every spring. Namely, fresh flowers on the next lawn.

Figurative, Pop Art, Minimalism, Naive, all this is in these works. I like all these trends and I am happy that I managed to create something that unites all these styles. There is no need to search for an hidden meaning or a deep secret, my flowers are made for empty walls. I would like people to want to hang them because they beautiful, simple and original.