Gold & Black 8

$ 2,125.00

Daniel Kozeletckiy


100cm x 100cm

Mixed medium on canvas

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This series of works is made using the unique technique of mixing different textures and imitations of gold. Colours of the works are laconic, but each of them has its own symbolism.

White symbolizes Good; the everlasting possibility to display any form.

Black is an absolute Evil; a hard-final shape which excludes the possibility to display anything new.

Gold is something unique, fantastic and inimitable.


Allegorically, it can be interpreted as:

White — Nothing, white canvas, absolute Good and perfection in its shapelessness — is filled with Black, an absolute Evil, hard-final shape. Suddenly, a rupture takes place and something new is born. We may say that it is a Miracle; we are born as the New Star, or even, a whole new galaxy as emerged. This work represents that precise moment when something new is born during the battle between Good and Evil.

Another interpretation, it is the representation of Life; Life is a treasure; Life is neither white nor black, it is both; that is why Life is better than Good and Evil. Life is the thing, what Good and Evil are made for. Because only Life shows them.