The Last Song of the Trees

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20in x 30in

Printed on Fine Art paper, smooth textured.

Limited edition:  /10

Made in small editions, for each print, there is a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. On the certificate: the title, the edition number: the year of its creation and the signature of BRLMK.

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Note from the artist about his work down the page;

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“But the most astonishing thing about trees is how social they are. The trees in a forest care for each other, sometimes even going so far as to nourish the stump of a felled tree for centuries after it was cut down by feeding it sugars and other nutrients, and so keeping it alive. Only some stumps are thus nourished. Perhaps they are the parents of the trees that make up the forest of today. A tree’s most important means of staying connected to other trees is a “wood wide web” of soil fungi that connects vegetation in an intimate network that allows the sharing of an enormous amount of information and goods.” Peter Wohlleben, The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate—Discoveries from A Secret World

The last song of the trees – 2019

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