Standard of Quality and Integrity

The ultimate end to a purchase of an artwork is to be displayed at the propriety of a customer. Consequently, only arts that can be easily fitting the conditions of a home/office and that could be arguably shared with others will be accepted. Artworks that are explicitly violent, racial, discriminatory, pornographically oriented or that doesn’t respond to social conventions won’t be accepted on the basis that the general public would not accept it and that other artist who participate to Artbeats would not wish to be affiliated to such artworks.

Only artworks that have the potential to gain value will be accepted on the basis that they have some intrinsic value that the general public could see in the artist or its art. The intrinsic value of a work will be evaluated by Artbeats as follows:

  • The history of the creator, his career and his personal achievements;
  • The sales history of similar works or the sales history of works of the same creator;
  • The qualifications of the creator and the prizes awarded to him in an artistic setting;
  • The colors choices and the application of those ones on the work in question;
  • The movements and strokes and other artistic tools that were used for the creation of the work
  • Understanding of human anatomy and realistic display of commonly accepted images if the goal of the creator was to make a realistic reproduction;
  • The techniques used by the artist in the creation of the work;
  • The creativity, the sensitivity, the experience, the consistency, the personality of the artists are important additions of value that must be reflected in the work;
  • The signature of the artist is present on the work;
  • Appreciation of the general public of similar works or the creator