Return Policy


Last Updated: July 31, 2019


This Return Policy (“Policy”) describe the relationship between Artbeats market Inc. (“Artbeats” or “we” or “our” or “us”) and the buyers, prospective buyers, seller or Providers and prospective seller or Providers that use the Artbeats website (“you” or “your”), products, and services (collectively, the “Services”). By using the Services to buy, inquire about, list, market, offer for sale, or sell any property, you agree to be bound by this Policy. Artbeats act as a selling agent for many artists, art dealers and entity that works in the art industry ; those previously mentionned entities are collaborating with Artbeats under legal agreements that entitle Artbeats to act as an agent for them in the course of the Services Artbeats provides ; they will be refered as the ‘’Providers’’. Please read this Policy carefully, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


1.1. When you buy any products or anything we have sold you, without limitations, it is a finale sale and there is no possible refund.

1.2. The ONLY exceptions to the previous condition (1.1.) are the following exceptional events, but they ONLY apply if the conditions ‘’APPLY FOR A REFUND’’ (2.) are followed strictly by you:

  1. There has been a violation of the ‘’AUTHORSHIP WARRANTY’’, see our ‘’Conditions of Sale’’ (particularly, point 14. AUTHORSHIP WARRANTY)
  2. The product purchased through our services has been received by you, but the purchased product is broken or damaged and it can be clearly identified as broken by an unrelated third party that is in the position to evaluate an artwork such as an expert in the field of art with recognized competencies and relevant recognized internationally academic background in art and can be clearly identified as broken or damaged by us also.

1.3. There is no return possible if the purchased item does not respond to your personal expectations such as, without limitations:

  1. The dimensions of the item are conflicting with your ‘’wants and needs’’.
  2. The colors shading, brightness or application on the item are not as expected or as seen online.
  3. Your preferences in terms of quality of the item are not met.
  4. You have changed your decision in regard to the purchase of the item after it have been bought by you or after it have been shipped to your asked delivery address.
  5. The signature of the creator on the item is not satisfying your expectations.
  6. You are not satisfied with the completeness of the product ; as an example, there is no description of the item written, printed or emailed to you.

1.4. All items sold through our services are ‘’as seen on the web’’ ; consequently, there is no return possible if the item can be evaluated by us to be ‘’as seen on the web’’ even after the item have been delivered to you.


2.1. You have to strictly follow the following steps in the right order:

  1. Contact us directly at this email address: with all required documentation as follow:
    1. Proof of payment
    2. Proof of identity – the entity name that made the transaction (I.) is matching the proof of identity – a driver licence is an example of an accepted proof of identity.
    3. Description of your request and the legitimate reasons why you want a refund and :
    4. Proof that supports the following statement that you need to write in the email you send us: ‘’The item I have purchase is damaged/broken and the damages have not been done by me. When I received the item, I have become responsible of its good condition and I will not, in any way, directly or indirectly, diminish its moral value moral and its physical value.’’. OR
    5. Proof that supports the following statement that you need to write in the email you send us: ‘’The item I have purchase is not respecting the AUTHORSHIP WARRANTY OF Arbteas Market Inc.’’. Refer to the AUTHORSHIP WARRANTY that can be found in our ‘’Conditions of Sale’’.
    6. The following statement needs to be written in the email you send us: ‘’I do not wish to have a refund over my purchase item because the item did not meet my personal expectations.’’
    7. Your contact information you wish us to contact you back with (only email are accepted).
  2. Give us a period of seven (7) days to respond to you. We may ask for other information and more proof over:
    1. your identity; AND
    2. the breach of AUTHORSHIP WARRANTY; OR
    3. damage of the product not due to you
  3. You will have to accept to transmit us all requested documents, datas, informations, or other requests we asked for in our response to your first email. Give us an additional period of seven (7) days to analyze and approve all your statements with the relevant proofs. In the case that the proofs cannot be validated in seven (7)days which may happens, wait until we can validate correctly all your shared to us proofs. We will communicate with you the delay we need to validate all proofs upon reception of your transmissions; you accept to give us the delay we ask for.
  4. After all proofs have been gathered and, solely, after all proofs have been evaluated and confirmed as ‘’real’’, ‘’clear’’, ‘’legitimate’’ and ‘’verified by us’’ your request for a refund will be completed. When the request for a refund is completed, give us a period of seven (7)days to send you an email that will explain how we will proceed with the reimbursement of your purchased item.

3.1. We will transmit you the full refund of the purchased item (including, only, taxes and the selling price at which the item was purchased by you) through your Paypal account or by another, secure and without risk means, of transferring the amount to your personal bank account only when the refunded item is received by us and in the same conditions as when you have shipped it.

3.2. In the case that the refunded item is not in the same conditions as established by the ‘’proofs’’ in point 2.1., you will be responsible for the damaged and may become ineligible to a refund and you may have to pay for the damaged caused to the item at the extent of its selling price when you bought it in the first place. You accept the present responsibility and the fact that, even if you have been previously confirmed a complete refund, you may be denied the refund when the returned item is received by us and may be obliged to pay us for the damages caused.

3.3. The shipping and packaging quality do not guarantee that the returned item will be received by us in the requested good conditions; we highly suggest that you insure the shipment of the return item.

3.4. You are responsible to pay the shipping, insuring and packaging of the returned item to us. You may be eligible to a ‘’credit’’ or a partial refund of the related cost of shipping by us, but there is absolutely no certainty that you will receive any fiat currency or forms of value from us for the purpose of covering or helping you return the item to us.


4.1 By requesting a refund, you have confirmed that you have read and accepted to comply with our ‘’Terms and Conditions of Use’’; our ‘’Privacy Policy’’; our ‘’Conditions of Sale’’ and any other legal agreement that you have with us.


These Terms are effective July 31, 2019.