Under the name of Zooma set of drawings take shape that aim to explore the extensive world of objects that interest me for different reasons, be they aesthetic (or anti-aesthetic), plastic, functional or even emotional. All of which seen from a different perspective from that observed in my previous works.

Zoom, as a series, aims to develop in two-dimensions the concepts that the Macro series explores in sculpture.
Zoom and Macro act as camera lenses, graduating the scale of measurements with which we perceive what we look at and breaking down the correspondence between the real size of an objects and the size that we perceive depending on how far away from it we are. They act as a kind of traditional magnifying glass that draws us closer to the object worthy of observation even when we keep an appropriate distance in order to view it.

The concepts of Zoom and Macro give the object new dimensions, strengthening its presence and inviting us to explore it, discovering hidden spaces and unnoticed nooks. They break down the physical laws that govern our logic as observers and place us before a growing world, with the same consequences that we would see as Shrinking Men walking through a reality made up of objects whose unsuitable size renders them functionally useless, existing on a scale that is no longer human.
Discovery, surprise and, of course, irony, are aspects that I would like to see hovering around this series of works.
Reality does not exist. And if what exists is the perception that we have of it, why not explore the underlying principles of that perception?

Rómulo Celdrán

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